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Made by Fans - For the Fans

High Roller Games Inc. is a company that specializes in licensed board games. We are passionate about what we do and it shows in the games we produce. We develop our games to be in depth, unique and easy to learn. It is very important to us, that players don’t just enjoy the gaming experience, but feel they’ve entered the world of a show they love.


We are excited to announce the launch of our biggest brand yet! The legendary Marley family has given us the green light on our latest game, Bob Marley: The Game of Peace, Love and Unity. 

In June 2013 we launched our first game; Trailer Park Boys: The Plan - Freedum 35. Little did we know just how well the game would be received. Due to a rush of traffic, we actually sunk our hosting server the day we launched and the 25 other websites on it!

Our social media efforts began to take off, while the Trailer Park Boys gave us props for a game they actually enjoyed playing. With that success, we expanded further with a party game, Supply & Command along with unique Trailer Park Boys Playing Cards.