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NEW! Trailer Park Boys Cheeseburger Liquor Run - High Roller Games Inc

NEW! Trailer Park Boys Cheeseburger Liquor Run


Welcome to the great Cheeseburger Liquor Run!

From the creators of the legendary 'Plan - Freedum 35' in 2013, comes a new cult classic game set for launch spring 2024!

This is the most ultimate, greasiest race game ever! Set in the beloved Sunnyvale trailer park, players use their characters to run different schemes while racing their cars through the park.

First one across the the finish line starts the last round of the game. The other players race on their last turn to get across. The player with the most liquor, cheeseburgers and kitties wins the game and gets the deed to the trailer park from Barb!

A Sunnyvale dream come true!

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