Vikings Raid & Conquer - The Reckoning Expansion

Hey Vikings Fans!

Last year we teased an expansion for Vikings Raid & Conquer and since then we have been working really hard to make that dream a reality!

But we need your help!

Before we can get this game made, we need to show that Vikings Fans are excited for an Expansion. We're not asking for emails or preorders, we just want your support. If you enjoyed the original deck building game Vikings Raid & Conquer and want to see it improved and expanded upon in The Reckoning, please click the button below to let us know!

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What's in the Expansion?

Vikings Raid & Conquer - The Reckoning Expansion

55 New Cards! New Shield Dials!
All with never before seen art!

New Additions to the Deck!

New Card Example
  • New Raid Cards for increased challenges!
  • New Vikings from the show with unique abilities!
  • New Action Cards with added depth!

Two New Types of Cards!

  • Rare but powerful, Equipment cards are the legendary belongings of the main characters and give a huge boost in abilities! Watch out, they can be stolen.
  • Structure Cards are also rare and can affect your strategy in the game with unique bonuses. Other Vikings can destroy structures so be careful!
Two New Types of Cards

Updated Shield Dials
and the Addition of Ivar!

Updated Vikings Shield Fan

We have done a complete redesign of the Shields! No more clips!

In addition, each character has a unique ability for enhanced play.

Featuring Work from 5 Different Artists!

Art Examples

If you're as excited as we are to make this Expansion a reality, please click the button below and:

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