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Experience the golden age of reggae!

Unity is a game of strategy and luck. Players form a band and go out on a Marley inspired world-tour. Your goal is to add musicians, earn the love of your loyal fans and inspire Unity along the way. Perform at historical concerts as you travel the board with your band in your very own tour bus. As your fan base grows, you can work your way up to international super stardom. Win the game by using the power of music and love to spread Peace and Unity around the World.

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For 2 - 4 Players

Average Game Time - 1 Hour

Unity is a must have for a Marley fan
and for the casual gamer as well.

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Easy to Play and Hours of Fun

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How to Play

Your adventure starts in the mid-70's when you experience a thing called Reggae for the first time. A young man rises from obscurity and poverty in Jamaica. Not only are you moved like never before by this music, but the inspiring message is needed now more than ever. The music breaks down the illusion that we are separate and it is time to stand up for the hungry and oppressed everywhere. You and your friends pool resources to buy some instruments and a tour bus. The future is uncertain, but your spirits are high as you set out to use the power of music to spread peace, love and unity around the world!

Bob Marley Unity is a casual yet competitive game. Players are represented by a Tour Bus that transports you and your band around the world. Set up Concerts and build a fan-base to receive love for your performances. Love tokens can be cashed in to gain Unity tokens. Unity points can also be gained by achieving Cause cards goals. The game ends when players have collected all of the Unity tokens. Each player tallies their Love tokens, Unity tokens and Cause cards for their final Unity score. The player who spreads the most Unity at the end of the game wins.

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